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Prismatic is a pastel painting of a view that I'm somewhat obsessed with; my back yard, across my neighbor's back yard, into the field beyond. The sunsets here are spectacular and this night was no exception to the rule. I can't help but notice that a recurrent theme in my paintings for the past year and a half shows a path of light. Until just recently, I had been struggling to find a remission from my autoimmune disease without success. I believe the paths of light I keep manifesting in my pastels, whether seen, exaggerated, or imagined, are about my optimism of finding and maintaing that elusive remission as well as a general improvement in the state of human affairs. It feels good to paint these paths.  It smells of hope.

Prismatic measures 9.5" x 9.5" and is sold unframed. Contact me if you are interested in buying it framed.