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Floating - Mini Original

Tracy Vernon Designs


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Appears in: Miniature Originals

As a child I learned how to dive off of a floating dock.  Encouraged and tutored by an older brother and sister, I remember how exhilarating the experience was, both the anticipation and the action of taking my first dive.  I loved the feeling of climbing the ladder, soaking wet, and craving nothing more in the world than another dive. There were the dives that came from hanging your toes over the edge and those that required a running start. There were dives that required warming up your body temperature by laying on the float and soaking in the sun. Other dives paid no heed to how cold or wrinkled you were. The rapid union with the water was the only thing of importance.

Floating original is sold in a gold tabletop frame that measures 3.75" x 4.75". The print is sold in a white mat with backing and measures 3" x 4".