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Oyster Catchers

Tracy Vernon Designs


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The American Oyster Catcher is quite a site to see both on the ground and in the air. They are striking in their colors of black, white, bright orange, and red. Their long and bright orange beaks are designed for harvesting, prying open, and eating a wide variety of shellfish though it is believed that oysters are their preferred cuisine.

All birds have their own style when it comes to courtship but Oyster Catchers are particulary sweet.  When courting, the birds move together on the ground, side by side, singing the same single note. Next, they lean in towards each other, extending and lowering their necks. Then, as if they can't contain their enthusiasm, they run alongside each other still singing. They conclude their courtship dance with side by side flying over the territory where they will lay their eggs and rear their offspring.